a sweet wedding.

Oh my, I really like this photo...

Check out the rest of the photos from this wedding here (W. Scott Chester Photography).


sew sew sew.

I've really been wanting to pull out my sewing machine lately, but just haven't had enough motivation to do it!  In the meantime, I've been compiling photos of things I'd like to make which has resulted in a rekindled liking for Urban Outfitters...

See any common themes?  (ps! these items are all on sale!)


the trees are dancing.

57 degrees and sunny.  I love the seasons.

I got these wonderful smelling "fresh balsam" candles at the tail end of winter (when you really only want spring smells in the house) so I have been patiently awaiting the day they can make their debut.  Well, it's here!

Today will include the smell of "fresh balsam", rachael ray's white lightning chili, and the listening of some tunes that are new to my ears by Lost in the Trees (as recommended by my good friend Benjamin Thomas).

I want to leave you with a picture of our "little" buddy.  He is so precious.


inspired by: marimekko.

I have liked marimekko for quite some time now.
So much so that, after my first year of fashion design courses I made a top out of a marimekko placemat from Anthropologie (since I can't afford the pre-made stuff!)

(photo by Lindsey Meyer)

Well, here are my two favorite repeats right now:

 I think they'd make great curtains/clothing.


inspired by: shanna murray.

Step one:  paint walls.
Step two:  get these:

Okay, maybe step one should be: move into apartment/house that allows you to paint the walls....dreaming for now!


inspired by: carson ellis.

I really really like Carson Ellis.  This was my introduction to her work:

Other pieces I enjoy:

(in order: cover for The Mysterious Benedict Society, Yerusian Lazarevich Slays The Dragon, Reading Frenzy, Irkutsky Dom, cover for The Decemberists: Her Majesty The Decemberists)

The visual & musical arts seem to run thick in their family's blood (she is married to Colin Meloy of The Decemberists)!


listening to: laura veirs (free tunes here!).

Laura Veirs is a lady I have liked since my first Sufjan show (2005!).  She opened, and I was pretty excited about the new discovery.  I am late to the release of her latest album which released in January, but two songs from the album are still free.  

HERE they are.

Also, for the Sufjan lovers who may not have caught this yet, here is some recent news:


homeseed's portfolio!

This is the work that has been created at 'homeseed' thus far...
(in order: wedding invitations, a baby shower invite, a custom initial print, and a poster for a show)



all designs © homeseed 2009-2010

first ten photos by Daniel Smyth
last photo by Matthew Denzer

If you are interested in anything that you see (modified/customized for you of course) or if you have any other paper goods ideas that you would like to see made manifest, please get in touch.  I'd really enjoy connecting with you :)


hi, it's nice to meet you.

My name is Kristen.  

I am a wife, friend, new Chicagoan, daughter, owner of a crazy 15 month-old boxer (Job), child of God, sister, and a creator.  

'homeseed', my new venture, is a paper goods company.  I specialize in custom design with what I believe to be a very fair rate.  I am giddy about all things wedding and if I were only creating wedding invitations until 'homeseed' no longer exists, I would be excited!  

This will be a place where thoughts, inspiration, music & food (other things I really like!), new work, and friendly things are shared.  Hope you enjoy it!