nyc nyc nyc!

Tomorrow we go to NYC and I. Can't. Waittttt!

Dreaming of my favorite cookie in the whole wide world (the big oreo cookie from westville), momofuku cereal milk ice cream, my favorite thai dish from pongsri (hai lam, I have never found the same dish in another place!), lots & lots of tasty coffee, my bro-in-law, derek, liz, my old GK friends, muji happiness, slow mornings in coffee shops working on things with my hubs, the met, maybe some shopping (more like window shopping)....Wahoo!  I love vacation.

whoahhh, we were so young!  first internship=NYC (summer of '07)

Oh and--I entered another invite into a new minted competition!  The design is below, what do you think?  Vote here please :)


a homeseed giveaway!!!

Hello Friends (and happy Friday)!
I wanted to let you know that the sweet Mary of tulips & flight suits is hosting a giveaway of one of my baby calendars :)

(photo from mary!)

TO BE ELIGIBLE: leave a comment here &  "like" homeseed on fb!!  Wahooo!  GOOD LUCK!

ps....voting ends on Monday for the minted competition!  Head here to rate my designs :)


vote for me, if you please :)

Hello again!

As promised, I am back with voting opportunity & news.  I would love to feel the love with you voting for me, so, here is your chance:

Head to minted and create an account (if you don't have one already).  Then, vote for any/all of these:
1. "Written on Her Heart"
2. "Letter Boy"
3. "Confetti Love"

Winners will be chosen based on highest average rated score!

Here are the designs:

Thank You!!!


get pumped.

Hello friends!

I know it has been forever (my apologies, learning so many things in this season of life and trying to move forward with new and exciting things for my biz!)...that being said, I'll give you a week to warm up to me again :)

I just entered this design competition on minted (I've never done anything like this before!  Eee!) and would love if you voted for me when the time comes (starts after March 12th)!  Only if you like my design of COURSE.  Here it is:

Like it?!  I'll be in touch when voting starts...
Thoughts on changes that should be made?  Lemme know!