2013 calendar GIVEAWAY!

There will be 2 lucky winners of this giveaway of the Bennet 2013 letterpress calendar 
(hosted by Sarah of Fairy tales are true)!  

Head HERE to enter!

happy friday!!!


the bennet 2013 (letterpress calendar!)

Well, I think it's safe to say that finally getting my act etsy shop together is a BIG deal!!  I'm stoked to finally have some ready-made pieces available to all!  Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/homeseed

On that note, I want to share with you that I worked with the best of the best locally to get this small batch of 2013 calendars letterpress printed (Evanston Print & Paper) and photographed (t & s hughes photography).  See for yourself:

(I'm also quite excited about my new packaging!!  my "many thanks" to you is reusable ;D)

Also, I've got more baby's first year calendars ready or go & for sale in my shop!!  yay!

AND!  this Friday, the lovely Sarah of Fairy tales are true will be hosting a giveaway of not one but TWO of the Bennet calendars!  Make sure to check back then...


matteo: birth announcement.

Look at sweet little Matteo!!!  

What a babe this babe is.  I had so much fun working with his amazing Momma on these lovely custom announcements (side note...look at how beautiful this family is!!  Now that Matteo is here it's even more beautiful!).

my favorite photo!

and the sweetest bowtie back...

this was the winning photo & we used some awesome bright green envelopes!

and these were our other options!

(all photos of Matteo by Stacy of A/Z photography, all photos of paper goods by yours truly).

Hope you love these as much as I do.  Happy Wednesday & Halloween!!


lily & mark: invitation.

holy moly.  

this past weekend something really beautiful happened.  Lily & Mark got married and it was an incredibly joyous occasion.  I really don't think words can express how big a blessing it was to see these two wed.  here are their invitations that I had the BEST time designing (as well as a really lovely photo of the beauuutiful bride from one of her 2 wonderful MOH's, Sarah--hi Sarah!).

how radiant is Lily?!  so much joy.  (photo by Sarah Pugliese)

I love how they love HP--Lily & dear friend/MOH Amy put a LOT of heart into these amazing envelopes!
plus, she & her sweet groom glittered those delightful little shields.

Lily & Mark, you mean so very much to us.  the biggest congratulations to you &
thank you SO much for letting me be a part of your wedding with paper goods!




headed to a flea market in a bit & I'm pretty excited to document via my iphone (I've had it for about 5 months now, and it is rocking my socks off).  anywho--I realized I haven't done the shameless "follow me here" plug yet, so...HERE IT IS.  follow me on instagram!  yay!  I'm @homeseedpaper!  here's my instagrid if you want to make sure I'm worthy....

in other news you should download this & this.  they are free & beautiful & they make me sing (& dance in my head).

happy holiday wkd.



leigh & ben: invitations.

This couple is made up of two individuals with the most delightful and radiant smiles.  You can tell just by looking at a photo of them that they exude so much joy.  Have a look yourself at their incredible wedding photos taken by three nails photography (sample below.....if that doesn't entice you to look I'm not sure what would!).

Leigh & her sweet momma were a delight to work with.  They also gave me the opportunity to see my work in letterpress form!!!  Eee!  We worked with Evanston Print & Paper and they were wonderful (hoping to do it again soon ;D).

congrats L & B!!  so much love to you and excitement for you.


katy's anniversary gift.

This commissioned project was a dream.  

Katy (miraculously) found my blog and emailed me about a custom project/gift for her husband for their anniversary.  Let me just tell you that when someone finds me and contacts me with excitement (simply because they like what I do & create!) about the possibility of working together, I get all googly-eyed & giddy.  This is still young and new enough that I have a feeling I'll be feeling that way for, well, let's just say a long time.

can you guess what 'their song' is?



lily & mark: save the date.

first: let me tell you that Lily & Mark are absolutely amazing.  These two have such a fun outlook on life and love & enjoy many things that I, too, love & enjoy.

second: let me tell you that this save-the-date was WAY too much fun to create!  I mean seriously, just look at it!  It's a list full of the things that they love, and it makes me smile.  We're a workin' on their invites now & I am really excited...

third: let me tell you that.....TODAY IS LILY'S BIRTHDAY!  happy happy happy birthday lily may.  LOTS of love :)


b&c + an easter invitation.

let's kick off the week with some photos of new(ish) work!  I'm gonna share lots this week.  Woo!  

this was Beth & Cameron's day-of program.  it's a super fun story-telling style & 
the fact that Bethany is one of the funniest people I know, made it a delight to create.

this is an easter invitation I created for the Line's easter sunday service.

keep checking back, more exciting work to come this week!!


home, finally.

Well, I think it's safe to say we're settled in in our new place.  My office still needs some work (mainly, some new/different storage & organization units) but it feels so good to finally feel at home.  Here's a peek into our wonderfully sunny space:

ps......photos of new work coming soon!  :)

OH!  & I have another design submitted into a minted competition....VOTE HERE!  thank you!