lily & mark: save the date.

first: let me tell you that Lily & Mark are absolutely amazing.  These two have such a fun outlook on life and love & enjoy many things that I, too, love & enjoy.

second: let me tell you that this save-the-date was WAY too much fun to create!  I mean seriously, just look at it!  It's a list full of the things that they love, and it makes me smile.  We're a workin' on their invites now & I am really excited...

third: let me tell you that.....TODAY IS LILY'S BIRTHDAY!  happy happy happy birthday lily may.  LOTS of love :)


b&c + an easter invitation.

let's kick off the week with some photos of new(ish) work!  I'm gonna share lots this week.  Woo!  

this was Beth & Cameron's day-of program.  it's a super fun story-telling style & 
the fact that Bethany is one of the funniest people I know, made it a delight to create.

this is an easter invitation I created for the Line's easter sunday service.

keep checking back, more exciting work to come this week!!


home, finally.

Well, I think it's safe to say we're settled in in our new place.  My office still needs some work (mainly, some new/different storage & organization units) but it feels so good to finally feel at home.  Here's a peek into our wonderfully sunny space:

ps......photos of new work coming soon!  :)

OH!  & I have another design submitted into a minted competition....VOTE HERE!  thank you!


time & motion.

Wowza.  It has been a looooong time since I've posted!  Record time maybe?  Well, a lot has been happening on my end.  Good things!  

Remember that minted competition I was asking for votes for?  All three designs were chosen by the editors to sell!  So, now they just have to be purchased ;)  Check them out here:

Also, homeseed (& co...meaning, our family!) has a new home!  This will be my new office and I can't wait to get settled into it!

Also, I made a new batch of baby's first year calendars and I have almost sold out.....it's kind of unbelievable and really awesome!  The buyers have been such lovely folks to communicate with too. Feeling very blessed :)

Hope your summer has been lovely so far.