christmas 2011.

Our tiny apartment style Christmas decor looks a bit like this:

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.
We head to Cinci for celebrating & gathering tomorrow and we CAN'T WAIT.  
Have a VERY merryyyy Christmas!


a (new year's) challenge.

Just purchased this baby (and I'm reaaaal excited):

Looking forward to forcing myself to get back into sketching & drawing in 2012!!
Find it here.
(photos from urban)


phoebe in wonderland.

I heart this movie BIG time.  The story/message, Elle Fanning (not to mention all of the other amazing actors!), the colors, the shots.  It's beautiful.  And...it's available on hulu now!  WATCH IT. Please!

...At a certain point in your life, probably when too much of it has gone by, you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are--especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals.  And you will say to yourself, “but I am this person”.  And in this statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love...


2012 calendar :)

Got some photos of the 2012 freeeebie calendar for you!  Funnily enough there are no photos of it on a wall, but, you get the gist ;)  head HERE for downloading & instructions!  I think my favorite version is with mix & match paper.  It only takes 3 sheets so use 3 different (light) colored card stock papers for fun variance.  ENJOY!

Gretens!  Thanks for your lovely time, home, slab of wood & flash :)

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Feeling like a semi-superstar after these two lovely things brought some traffic through here yesterday:
A gift guide from Bridget at tales of me and the husband:

A pin from Sarah at fairytalesaretrue:

Thank you sweet Ladies for the love & support!  It is MUCH appreciated ;)


happy december (& a gift for you)!

Well, well...it's December 1st!!  Ah!  I can hardly believe it.  To celebrate the start of one of my favorite months I have a gift for you!  It's a printable 2012 Calendar :)  Unfortunately I haven't had time to take photos yet, but I will post some as soon as I can.  So for now, here is a little digital preview (and a silly photo booth preview):

There are two versions!  One that's all color and one that's almost fully black & white (I figured some folks might not want all of the color).  Now, it does require a bit of work on your end.  Each page has 4 months, but is meant to be cut in half down to 2 months per mini page (there is a cut line for you to follow--it's easy!).  These will be free the entire month of December and then I'll be charging a tiny fee (...on Etsy maybe?  If I can make that happen by January :D).  But, if you download it now it's yours for the keeping.  Print a ton!  Give them away as gifts!  Enjoy!

click to download:

COLOR  and/or B & W 

Please be thoughtful and give credit where credit is due.  Share the link (please) and link back here! Thanks!


designs © homeseed 2011

***this calendar is no longer available for free***