inspired by: anna emilia.

Thank you SO much for your encouraging thoughts and words about what I'm doing and thinking about this blog (and about my business).  I truly appreciate them, and you!  I am thinking for now I am just going to minimize posts per week.  It will surely help me feel better about being a blogger in general!

Anywho, found these lovelies by a lady named Anna Emilia as the upcoming magazine "kinfolk" will feature her illustrations.  I can't wait to see the mag!  So many of the contributors are folks that I admire a lot and am inspired by even more!  In the mean time, hope you like these...



"the maintaining of someone or something in life or existence"

Well.  No music today (and maybe never on a Monday again!).  Just thoughts.  I am struggling a bit over here.  Struggling to know how to move forward with this business.  Did you know I own a business?  Hmm...that's why I'm rarely "Kristen" when commenting and almost always "homeseed".  But, I feel as though my purpose in starting this blog has been blurred beyond recognition.  Most of the blogs I follow or look at are what I would deem "lifestyle" blogs.  I did (contrary to popular belief and including but not limited to myself) not intend to turn this into one!  But it seems to have crossed many lines and boundaries over time.  Truthfully, I started this to have some sort of web base/connection.  Now, let's be honest: lifestyle blogs sell.  My business isn't really selling.  Not that this blog really is either...Ah!  Getting off topic.  Okay, the point is that I am spending too much time finding content, thinking of content, and composing posts (sounds familiar, huh?).  I am thinking a lot about my business and how to develop it.  I am thinking a lot about how I am hardly offering our family any financial help.  I am thinking about sustenance.  Knowing that truly, it only comes from up above, but also believing that there are things that we are accountable to and for down here (and that I am convicted for my lack of contribution!).  So, I am in a place where I need to be very critical of what I am doing and how I am doing it.  This blog might change a lot in the process.  I'm actually hoping to be here less, in order to let my work grow.  This will probably be hard for me, because I like all you bloggy ladies and have been wanting to break into your circles more and more...I am however realizing more and more that I must figure myself out first (this is one of my greatest chronic struggles).  If you run away or stop "following" then so be it.  And even though I know I'll dislike that very much, I am going to attempt to be content with it.  Truly content.  Thanks for understanding (or not understanding).

So, um...I'll see you around.  I just might look a little different :)


summer things :)

Chopped it!  Feeling refreshed and light.  The color wasn't quite as light as we wanted it
to be, but, it still feels great!  Perhaps summer sun & some lemon juice will do the trick...

Dan and I have finally gotten into the green monster smoothie kick!  It's been our breakfast
all week.  We're loving it.  This one's a banana, peanut butter & flax meal shake :)

banana, pb, & flax meal.  yum.

I am SUPER excited about friendship bracelets right now!  Ever since I saw them HERE.  These are
the two I've started.  I keep thinking of new colorways and wanting to stop.
Must. Commit. And. Finish.

friendship bracelets!!


inspired by: lisa congdon.

Found this talented lady (can't remember where!  ACK!), Lisa Congdon's work and was inspired right away!  I especially enjoyed how the colors seemed to have a constant and cohesive flow from piece to piece (or at least in my favorites!!).  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)



Well, no one commented yesterday and that's okay.  The decision has been made!  Hair is getting CHOPPED tomorrow!  And ombre'd up!  WOO.  I'm excited :) So, last week, these two came to visit:

emily & aaron!
they are Emily & Aaron!

piece deliciousness.

yum.  at piece.
it was so good....

the beer & the pizza!

we went to the Broadway Intelligentsia.

my cap.
I took my first drink picture.  everyone else always does it!?

friendship bracelets :)
we made friendship bracelets (Emily is helping with mine here!  oops!).

Job was super cute as usual.

we FINALLY ate at Longman & Eagle...and it lived up to everything we've heard.  SO so so good.

burger at l&e.
Dan's burger!

em at longman & eagle.  yum.
Em's french toast!

mac & cheese at l&e.  SO good.
My "mac & cheese"!

i cream.
and we went to i cream where they make your treat in front of you through a rapid freezing process.

love you guys :)

I feel like their visit here actually enabled our favorite restaurants list to grow.  I'm really excited about that.  We went to RUB bbq (Emily and I were too hungry to take pictures) and ate the most delicious pulled pork sandwich ever.  Dan and I are SO excited about this place (so excited that we went back the next day for lunch)!!!  AH!  I like Chicago more & more every day :)


music monday: didymus & indie monday!

Hellooooo.  I am happy to be back here today, and I have some fun musical things to share with you!  Tomorrow I'll share some photos from our time with our guests last week :)

I wanted to let you know about a band called didymus.  This is a friend's new venture that I am really excited about.  The sound of Didymus reminds me a bit of radiohead, and maybe even some sunny day real estate (it's been a while.  not sure about that one ;D)?!  His new 3-song EP is called "The Twin".  To listen or buy head here (the EP is only $2!).

(photo by mat who wrote a sweet write-up with a video!)

Another new musical venture that I'm quite excited about is called Indie Monday.  I went to middle school (in Hong Kong) with one of the folks involved in the project.  They feature a free song (and review) from a local (to Chicago I think!) band every Monday.  Also....this is really sweet...they are doing a headphone giveaway!  They are really nice headphones!  Watch the video below for info on how to win :)

 Also, I am seriously considering doing this to my head:



Maybe not quite as light with the ombre.  I'm kind of terrified to dye my hair.  It would only
be the second time ever!  And, the one thing I really do like about my hair is the color!  Eeee!
But I'm also (kind of) REALLY excited about the idea...hmm...



Some photos to make you laugh today.  Well, hopefully.  We have some dear friends in town so I'm going to be MIA for a few days!  The aquarium is free this week in the Chi (and apparently it's amazing) so hopefully I'll have some fun photos when I return.  Have a loooovely week :)


inspired by: agustina woodgate.

Saw the super sweet video below about agustina woodgate on seesaw and was so inspired/excited about her!  So, I did a little bit more searching and found some of her statements and other work that I really enjoy on her website.  Really like this from her:

I aim to create art that fosters exchanges between people rather than encounters between a viewer and object.
Through these exchanges, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual consumption.

these are some of her other pieces that I enjoy
(and yes, hair is the medium in many of these):


music monday: bon iver first listen (NPR) & a recipe!

Bon Iver's new album is coming out soooo soon!  It's good.  Real good.  Except for the last two songs (they get real Michael Bolton/old school Phil Collins!).  Anyway, the good songs certainly outweigh the bad ones.  Listen here through NPR! 

This isn't music or recipe related, but regardless, I think you should heed my advice.  Check this issue of sweet paul mag out!  NOW!  It is definitely one of the best online mag issues I've seen yet. Beautiful photos.  Fantastic recipes.  GO!

And, a recipe for spicy sweet potato fries!  I made them Saturday and they were soooo tasty.  I always skip steps like food processing seasonings, measuring seasoning and such.  I like easy cooking (and clean up!).  They were still super amazing (a tad too spicy though.  Oops.  Should've measured the pepper flakes!).

spicy sweet potato fries.  mmm.

spicy sweet potato fries.

and...last but not least, a HELLO from Job!  Doing something weird with his paw...

hook paw.


friday inspiration.

Having a fun Friday so far.  Dan and I woke up and headed to whole foods to get $3 breakfast burritos (they are HUGE and delicious).  Then to Bennison's for our favorite chocolate cake donuts (SO good...I can't even believe I like these but after having them I can't believe how I wouldn't have in the past!).  Then Dan made some super tasty coffee.  Then he left for work, and I FINALLY got Harry Potter audiobook 6!  WOO!  I had a B&N gift card for some time but was waiting for a good coupon, and by the time we got a good coupon our membership with them had expired.  So, I had to do ground shipping, which I thought would be fine but would just take longer.  Well, it was lost and sitting in a couple of different post offices for while and I thought I'd never see it, but it's here! I love getting (real, meaning not bills or credit card offers) mail & packages.  It just evokes the loveliest feeling.  So, time to upload book 6 (I only need 2 more now!).  I really do love Harry Potter. The audiobooks keep me company as I work :)

Found this online this week and really really liked it.  Hope it's inspiring for your Friday.

Happy weekending!


recently (& sweet work by joe lieske!).

Just some random photos for you from my end...

roasted red pepper & pepperoni.
our most recent pizza!  roasted red pepper & pepperoni :)

this beautiful lady reserved sweet spots for us at the iron & wine (free) show at millennium park!
I am liking this city more and more each day...

dan & kale take 2...
dan.  eating kale.  raw.  ehhh.

newlyweds :)
our cute/sweet newlywed friends :)

beautiful ladies!!!

ahhh, the city!

AND, some INCREDIBLE photos (from the above event and more) from Joe Lieske's end!
I am always so impressed by our friend's work.