music monday: bon iver first listen (NPR) & a recipe!

Bon Iver's new album is coming out soooo soon!  It's good.  Real good.  Except for the last two songs (they get real Michael Bolton/old school Phil Collins!).  Anyway, the good songs certainly outweigh the bad ones.  Listen here through NPR! 

This isn't music or recipe related, but regardless, I think you should heed my advice.  Check this issue of sweet paul mag out!  NOW!  It is definitely one of the best online mag issues I've seen yet. Beautiful photos.  Fantastic recipes.  GO!

And, a recipe for spicy sweet potato fries!  I made them Saturday and they were soooo tasty.  I always skip steps like food processing seasonings, measuring seasoning and such.  I like easy cooking (and clean up!).  They were still super amazing (a tad too spicy though.  Oops.  Should've measured the pepper flakes!).

spicy sweet potato fries.  mmm.

spicy sweet potato fries.

and...last but not least, a HELLO from Job!  Doing something weird with his paw...

hook paw.


  1. sweet potatoes are my FAVORITE....thinking i'll make some of those for my lunch today! yum! :)

  2. yummy! i made fries last week, too. they were not so crisp. were yours crisp?

  3. aww at Job.

    i love sweet potatoes, we just rarely get them around these parts. thanks for the sweet paul link, looks great.


  4. Sweet potato fries are the absolute best!

  5. SUCH a fan of Bon Iver... and I really love the new album as well. Ahh... greatness.

  6. love the bon iver album, thanks for featuring it!