music monday: didymus & indie monday!

Hellooooo.  I am happy to be back here today, and I have some fun musical things to share with you!  Tomorrow I'll share some photos from our time with our guests last week :)

I wanted to let you know about a band called didymus.  This is a friend's new venture that I am really excited about.  The sound of Didymus reminds me a bit of radiohead, and maybe even some sunny day real estate (it's been a while.  not sure about that one ;D)?!  His new 3-song EP is called "The Twin".  To listen or buy head here (the EP is only $2!).

(photo by mat who wrote a sweet write-up with a video!)

Another new musical venture that I'm quite excited about is called Indie Monday.  I went to middle school (in Hong Kong) with one of the folks involved in the project.  They feature a free song (and review) from a local (to Chicago I think!) band every Monday.  Also....this is really sweet...they are doing a headphone giveaway!  They are really nice headphones!  Watch the video below for info on how to win :)

 Also, I am seriously considering doing this to my head:



Maybe not quite as light with the ombre.  I'm kind of terrified to dye my hair.  It would only
be the second time ever!  And, the one thing I really do like about my hair is the color!  Eeee!
But I'm also (kind of) REALLY excited about the idea...hmm...


  1. ahh!! i didn't see this post yesterday. i feel like alexa chung can pull off anything. just make sue you won't look like a toddler if you chopity chop. its so cute. some days i miss short hair. but in this nashville heat I also really enjoy being able to put up!

  2. Just saw this, I think your hair would look great like this! Good for summer too...