SF recap five (the final one!)!

This recap is all of my favorite random (attempt to be a cool street photographer) photos!! Some of the fun/random details of the city that delighted me.  Have fun :)

my new band!
okay, this isn't really SF related at all, but I got this sweet little band to
go with my engagement ring the day before we left!  from HERE.  EEE!

valencia street arts.
fun (gross) street art.

melty man.
really liked this guy!!

tattered signage.
a roughed up (pretty) sign.

SF street succulents.
ahhh the thriving street succulents!

I was fascinated by these colorful markings near the sewer.  they were at every one!
must be some sort of city measurement/marking thing?!  I also like the crab :D

mike's fish :)

the de young! (golden gate park).
forgot this in my favorite people photo recap!

golden gate park.
and this!

the seaaa lions!
ohhh the sea lions.  that huge potato shaped guy in the front was my favorite.

SF street succulents.
more thriving succulents...one of my favorite things about the city!

amazing tree leaves + coit.
sweet leaves & coit tower!

ha!  a porch creeper.
I want to meet the folks that have this guy on their back porch.

our future study/office..........in...heaven.

north beach cathedral oops.  i like.
a mistake photo!  that I like!  oops & cool?!

street puffdog.
fluffffff pup.

SO!  That's all for my San Francisco recaps :) hope you enjoyed.  The rest of the photos are HERE.


  1. i love that band! we decided a while ago we weren't going to rush to try and make something work for the wedding. i'm going to wait until i find a gem like that tucked away in a vintage jewelry shop!

  2. such cute photos! that rat painting is pretty sick. and that band is so pretty, i love the simplicity of it.

    cute blog!