Well, no one commented yesterday and that's okay.  The decision has been made!  Hair is getting CHOPPED tomorrow!  And ombre'd up!  WOO.  I'm excited :) So, last week, these two came to visit:

emily & aaron!
they are Emily & Aaron!

piece deliciousness.

yum.  at piece.
it was so good....

the beer & the pizza!

we went to the Broadway Intelligentsia.

my cap.
I took my first drink picture.  everyone else always does it!?

friendship bracelets :)
we made friendship bracelets (Emily is helping with mine here!  oops!).

Job was super cute as usual.

we FINALLY ate at Longman & Eagle...and it lived up to everything we've heard.  SO so so good.

burger at l&e.
Dan's burger!

em at longman & eagle.  yum.
Em's french toast!

mac & cheese at l&e.  SO good.
My "mac & cheese"!

i cream.
and we went to i cream where they make your treat in front of you through a rapid freezing process.

love you guys :)

I feel like their visit here actually enabled our favorite restaurants list to grow.  I'm really excited about that.  We went to RUB bbq (Emily and I were too hungry to take pictures) and ate the most delicious pulled pork sandwich ever.  Dan and I are SO excited about this place (so excited that we went back the next day for lunch)!!!  AH!  I like Chicago more & more every day :)


  1. oh I should have commented! I think you'd look great with either style. I know how it is when you just need a hair change. It's so fun!

  2. hahah! thank you for the encouragement (and the comment today ;D). overall, it's sort of been a spontaneous decision, but i'm pretty excited!

  3. We've been making friendship bracelets around here too!

  4. man the food looks good. is that to keep the pizza warm?

    good luck on the chop! remember it always grows back.