super RANDOM (food/home video/desktop calendar).

Happy Friday!  Just had some fun and random things for you today.  First, a Dake home video starring Job and Dan!
Next, Shanna Murray's june desktop calendar(s) with Abby Try Again.  SO pretty!  And we have options!  I picked the lights for now...

And last....another home made pizza!  This one had potato, onion, broccoli, garlic, and mushroom.  We did NOT enjoy the broccoli.  NO more broccoli on pizza!  And, some homemade meatballs in the making for pasta & subs.

veggie pizza.

meatballs in the making.

That's all.  Told you it was random.  Have a lovely weekend!!


  1. hi there.

    enjoyed the random.

    think i'd skip broccoli on pizza as well!


  2. yummm, potato on pizza! I used to make one with mashed potatoes as the sauce.