NEW homeseed work!!

YAY!  I have some new things to show you :) I'm not 100% happy with my photo-taking skills yet, but...we'll get there I think.

kristen & pat save date 1
Kristen & Pat's save-the-date postcard!!
can't wait to show you their invites after they send them out ;)

kristen & pat save date

alex & corey 2
Alex & Corey :) :) :)

alex & corey

alex & corey 1

their programs in action!  photo by lifemark studios.

lily shower invite
Lily's baby shower invite!
 working on announcements for this beautiful babe to be :)

lily custom initial full
a new "custom initial print" for Lily!  (see Theo's "T" here)

lily custom initial

ribbon stationery full
work in progress...a template for some ribbon personal stationery!

girl calendar front
new shots of the baby calendars!  these will be on etsy soooon!  this is the GIRL one :)

boy calendar front
the BOY one!

girl calendar 3

boy calendar

girl calendar 1

calendar hand binding

all designs © homeseed 2009-2011

I hope you like what you see!  If you are interested in any custom work please contact me!
Also, the baby calendars are $29 (including domestic shipping) so if you're interested in one of those let me know :)


  1. these baby calendars have got me wishing that I had an expecting friend! what a great shower gift! beautiful, lady. :)

  2. Beautiful work! Love it all! :)

  3. KRISTEN. These are awwwesome! Is it narcissistic if I want the "L" full of Lilys too? lol. Missyouloveyou!

  4. hey, thanks for following! your work is lovely! i have tons of graphic designer friends and it's all over my head, but i can appreciate good work :)

  5. ps: i have a friend named sara kluth who works at intelligentsia, perhaps your husband knows her?

  6. pps: Kristen, thank you so much for letting me know our connection (love Casey!) and the facebook sitch. I had never seen your request before, but I went on to "friend" you and all of the sudden your request showed up. WEIRD! well, we are friends now!

  7. ahh!! when I have a bebe, I am definitely coming to you for all these adorable things

  8. Kristen, I really like your new wedding invites! They are very very beautiful :) xx

  9. these are all so lovely! i love the lily print.

  10. your work is fantastic! I dream of having handwriting as pretty as yours...

  11. Dear Kristen, I love the baby calendar SO much.

  12. these are so lovely!!!! have you ever thought of designing embroidery patterns? some of your designs just look like they would be great stitched up in thread. Or maybe I just see stitching opportunities everywhere!

  13. I would like to buy the girl 1st year calendar. You can reach me at asoetaert @gmail.com

    Thank you!

  14. I am interested in the baby calendar for a best friends baby-to-be. Thank you! ashleyd.blossom@gmail.com :)