summer things :)

Chopped it!  Feeling refreshed and light.  The color wasn't quite as light as we wanted it
to be, but, it still feels great!  Perhaps summer sun & some lemon juice will do the trick...

Dan and I have finally gotten into the green monster smoothie kick!  It's been our breakfast
all week.  We're loving it.  This one's a banana, peanut butter & flax meal shake :)

banana, pb, & flax meal.  yum.

I am SUPER excited about friendship bracelets right now!  Ever since I saw them HERE.  These are
the two I've started.  I keep thinking of new colorways and wanting to stop.
Must. Commit. And. Finish.

friendship bracelets!!


  1. love the summer hair!!! wishing i had the guts to chop mine.

    AND i'm drinking a green smoothie right this second. perfect!

  2. Haven't seen summer bracelets in so long! Love them! These two look like they are going to turn out gorgeous!


  3. Nothing like cutting your hair in the summertime!

  4. couldn't love the haircut more! It's perfect. Simply perfect.


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