a homeseed 2011 (mini) calendar, for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I'm thankful for YOU! Here is my little gift to you (descriptions & "instructions" below):

The calendars should print on letter size paper (just click on the image twice and it will become full-size, then print!).  The first one would be better for hanging in my opinion, but the second has a couple of options.  It could be folded in half and propped on a desk or table (or some other fun surface), or, with a little bit of effort it could be printed on both sides, cut into a single strip, and then folded up accordion-style.  The latter could fit in a planner or purse.  

ps...there are 2 separate calendars on the second image.

I hope you enjoy them!  Share with friends and family!

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  1. oh how nice! Have you seen the calenders that people are printing on fabric at spoonflower? these would be nice on fabric too.