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Friend and photographer Sarah D'attoma has started a new "company of the week" series on her blog, and today 'homeseed' is the featured business!  She has been doing some wonderful photo work down in SC (need a photographer?)!  Check out a little interview along with her work here.  I really enjoyed her little recap of the beginnings of our friendship :)

Yesterday I went back to Woodstock to check out the sale at Colonial Antique Mall, where Dan and I found a couple of treasures on our orchard trip.  The sale is going on all month (ahem, Chicagoans!) and I am so glad I made the trip.  With right around $50 I came home with a type tray (which I had my eye on last trip), two books for Dan, two old billiard balls, and an old metal milk crate.  I have been on the hunt for crates (of all shapes & sizes!) for a while now, hoping to one day have a big and beautiful bookshelf/display unit made of them...

(1) baileys home & garden
(2) a type tray idea from oh my deer 
(I think ours will be going on the wall, but I really like how she used hers on the table!)

It was a beautiful day out and I was able to listen to a fair bit of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during the drive.  Yes, I am a fan of Mr. Potter and his friends.  I am excitedly anticipating the 19th and our dear friend Terri is coming in from Minneapolis so that we can all watch the movie together!  Woooo!

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