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Yesterday was lovely.  We hit up a creperie for lunch, an unexpectedly great thrift store, the apple orchard, and one wonderful antique mall.  We came home with a tiny oval frame, 2 bags of apples, pumpkin butter, honey (extracted the day before), chocolate mint tea, a bookshelf, and a small table.  I think we did pretty well!  We've been on the hunt for a table to hold our convection oven and a bookshelf (to hold many displaced books) since we moved here.  Apparently Woodstock is where Groundhog Day was filmed.  We had no idea-but the town was so sweet!  I would happily go back, especially to visit Colonial Antique Mall again (I had my eye on a type tray and a couple of wooden crates).  It is a HUGE mall, and is packed with all kinds of beautiful pieces, especially furniture.  We'd like to make the orchard trip an annual thing as long as we're up here, Don Burda, the main (and only) man was a pleasure to chat with and we really enjoyed learning from him.

I was looking at these photos yesterday, and I really like them.  They were found because of this apartment feature on D*S.

(1 & 2) $325 from threepotatofour
(3 & 4) $129 from pottery barn

Check out the apartment owner's blog here.

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  1. Groundhog Day? What part!?

    I just bought my first type tray, and am making it into a headboard. Will send pics when it's finished!