I remember a conversation in a class (History of Art Education) I was taking, about how elementary schools are considering no longer teaching cursive/penmanship.  I am not totally sure of the status of this today, but after some quick google checks it seems to be in place...oh, I lament this!  I can understand why this conclusion has been made, but it still saddens me.

Can you imagine going to school to study calligraphy tens of years from now, only to find out that your grandparents had no choice but to learn that as elementary students!?  

I sure am thankful for folks like B. Dunlap (photos 1 & 6 below).  Her work is so lovely.

(1 & 6)  B. Dunlap
(2 & 5)  $44 and $35 from lala design studio
(3)  jessica hische
(4)  $125 from rifle paper co. (photo from mint)

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