gone apple pickin'.

Mr. Dake and I are taking a little trip to Woodstock, Illinois today, for some apple picking & antique hunting.  We still need a(nother) bookshelf.  I am hoping to invest in a good digital SLR camera soon, for some good photo-taking (I'm thinking a Canon Rebel XS, thoughts?).  I wish that I had it today!

Well, since I don't, I will leave you with this fun photo (via here):

Rifle is getting ready for Christmas!  Those little cards look lovely...

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  1. I just bought a canon rebel t2i. I love it :) it's the newer version of the xs. It shoots in HD for all of your video taping needs! haha. that part was more for Aaron, but I like it all the same. I would suggest in investing in an SLR it makes picture taking more fun :) I miss you!