leigh & ben: invitations.

This couple is made up of two individuals with the most delightful and radiant smiles.  You can tell just by looking at a photo of them that they exude so much joy.  Have a look yourself at their incredible wedding photos taken by three nails photography (sample below.....if that doesn't entice you to look I'm not sure what would!).

Leigh & her sweet momma were a delight to work with.  They also gave me the opportunity to see my work in letterpress form!!!  Eee!  We worked with Evanston Print & Paper and they were wonderful (hoping to do it again soon ;D).

congrats L & B!!  so much love to you and excitement for you.


katy's anniversary gift.

This commissioned project was a dream.  

Katy (miraculously) found my blog and emailed me about a custom project/gift for her husband for their anniversary.  Let me just tell you that when someone finds me and contacts me with excitement (simply because they like what I do & create!) about the possibility of working together, I get all googly-eyed & giddy.  This is still young and new enough that I have a feeling I'll be feeling that way for, well, let's just say a long time.

can you guess what 'their song' is?