christmas 2011.

Our tiny apartment style Christmas decor looks a bit like this:

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.

Christmas 2011.
We head to Cinci for celebrating & gathering tomorrow and we CAN'T WAIT.  
Have a VERY merryyyy Christmas!


a (new year's) challenge.

Just purchased this baby (and I'm reaaaal excited):

Looking forward to forcing myself to get back into sketching & drawing in 2012!!
Find it here.
(photos from urban)


phoebe in wonderland.

I heart this movie BIG time.  The story/message, Elle Fanning (not to mention all of the other amazing actors!), the colors, the shots.  It's beautiful.  And...it's available on hulu now!  WATCH IT. Please!

...At a certain point in your life, probably when too much of it has gone by, you will open your eyes and see yourself for who you are--especially for everything that made you so different from all the awful normals.  And you will say to yourself, “but I am this person”.  And in this statement, that correction, there will be a kind of love...


2012 calendar :)

Got some photos of the 2012 freeeebie calendar for you!  Funnily enough there are no photos of it on a wall, but, you get the gist ;)  head HERE for downloading & instructions!  I think my favorite version is with mix & match paper.  It only takes 3 sheets so use 3 different (light) colored card stock papers for fun variance.  ENJOY!

Gretens!  Thanks for your lovely time, home, slab of wood & flash :)

designs © homeseed 2011



Feeling like a semi-superstar after these two lovely things brought some traffic through here yesterday:
A gift guide from Bridget at tales of me and the husband:

A pin from Sarah at fairytalesaretrue:

Thank you sweet Ladies for the love & support!  It is MUCH appreciated ;)


happy december (& a gift for you)!

Well, well...it's December 1st!!  Ah!  I can hardly believe it.  To celebrate the start of one of my favorite months I have a gift for you!  It's a printable 2012 Calendar :)  Unfortunately I haven't had time to take photos yet, but I will post some as soon as I can.  So for now, here is a little digital preview (and a silly photo booth preview):

There are two versions!  One that's all color and one that's almost fully black & white (I figured some folks might not want all of the color).  Now, it does require a bit of work on your end.  Each page has 4 months, but is meant to be cut in half down to 2 months per mini page (there is a cut line for you to follow--it's easy!).  These will be free the entire month of December and then I'll be charging a tiny fee (...on Etsy maybe?  If I can make that happen by January :D).  But, if you download it now it's yours for the keeping.  Print a ton!  Give them away as gifts!  Enjoy!

click to download:

COLOR  and/or B & W 

Please be thoughtful and give credit where credit is due.  Share the link (please) and link back here! Thanks!


designs © homeseed 2011

***this calendar is no longer available for free***



homeseed free printable (free for the month of December!) coming to you on the 1st!  

Check back on Thursday ;)


dake veggie chili & some SWEET Christmas tunes.


Today, I bring you...the Dake Veggie Chili recipe!  We adapted this from a mixture of chili recipes and are quite satisfied with this product.  So, try it & enjoy.  Warning though: you must love beans :)

-10-12 tomatoes (diced)  OR  2 28 oz. cans of diced tomatoes
-4 to 5 bell peppers (a variety is best!)
-2 onion
-3 tbls tomato paste
-5 15 oz. cans of assorted beans
-garlic salt, salt, cumin & cayenne

1. Heat/saute onion & pepper until soft (5-8 minutes)
2. Add tomato paste & spices (we like spices!  we add lots!  this is up to your discretion though...)
3. Add tomatoes (if canned, add juice), beans & 1 cup of water
4. Bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for 12-15 minutes
5. Add more spice to taste!
6. EAAAAT (it's great with tortilla or pita chips!)

This makes 8-10 servings, depending on how much you eat (ha).  And, you can freeze some for later!
dake veggie chili!

dake veggie chili!

dake veggie chili!

dake veggie chili!

It's almost Christmas, Chicago is a delightful little Christmas EP from my dear friends Jon & Valerie (of Milano!).  Please take a listen and/or buy!  They are beautiful souls.


two awesome things.

1. THIS e-zine.  It's Gifted Magazine 2011!!  (from Ez at Creature Comforts...she's so brilliant).

2. this (below) trailer from LAUREN EDWARD.  This team is so incredibly talented (check out more videos here).



sneak peek...

I wish that this sneak peek was closer to the full & real peek...but I really wanted to share some progress no matter how long it will be before its done!  These will soon be a collection of the first invitation templates from homeseed!  Can you tell with the snippet of these names what the theme of these suites will be?  :)

 I'm pretty excited.  Hopefully I can pick up some speed!

designs © homeseed 2011


hello again! & soup season.

Yikes.  I got a part time job (huge blessing & exciting venture) and disappeared!  Oops.  Haven't had much time for 'homeseed' in general lately, but...I'm finally settling in and adjusting so hopefully I'll have more updates soon.  Above are some newish (from the invite below's October 1st wedding!) photos of myself & some beloved friends (taken by SPROUT squared---an amazing Cincinnati duo who host brilliant photo booths!).

megan & dan
(these are a product of 'homeseed' + the Bride's beautiful illustration skills!)

Wanted to share some soup recipes (some of which I have tried & some of which I haven't) since it's getting coooold.  I'll share the Dake Veggie Chili recipe soon too!  Check these out:


a little babe!

Had the pleasure of creating Lily's baby announcements (along with shower invites and a custom initial print!) a while back and just realized I hadn't shared them yet...

lily announcement
lily announcement 1

she is a beautiful little lady!


more music things...

MBD goodness.  From upcoming album "All Things Will Unwind" this is Be Brave (and it is INCREDIBLE):

Another amazing video from Kimbra here.

AND....saw this image roaming around on Pinterest yesterday.  Can't wait!!  More info here.


new homeseed branding work!

I have some new things to share :)  the first is the identity work that was done for Certain Spectacle. The owner, Kelly specializes in space styling of two main kinds: event & interior.  She has an incredible eye!  Here is the branding/business card design that I created for Certain Spectacle:

certain spec 2

certain spec 4

certain spec

certain spec 5
Kelly really wanted to be able to personalize the cards based on conversations
with potential clients & this is what we came up with :)

certain spec 1

The second share is identity work that was done for Sandi's vintage, repurposed, and new design jewelry business, Encantadora.  We worked on some business cards and a banner for her esty shop (check it out!  She and Margarita make some really unique and beautiful pieces!).  Here are the cards and the info card I created for Encantadora that share with her customers the impact their purchase has had on Margarita:

encantadora 4

encantadora 5

encantadora 8

designs © homeseed 2011

PS...a BIG thank you to the Chopp's for letting me come over & use their pretty surfaces and decor for photo taking :)