hello again! & soup season.

Yikes.  I got a part time job (huge blessing & exciting venture) and disappeared!  Oops.  Haven't had much time for 'homeseed' in general lately, but...I'm finally settling in and adjusting so hopefully I'll have more updates soon.  Above are some newish (from the invite below's October 1st wedding!) photos of myself & some beloved friends (taken by SPROUT squared---an amazing Cincinnati duo who host brilliant photo booths!).

megan & dan
(these are a product of 'homeseed' + the Bride's beautiful illustration skills!)

Wanted to share some soup recipes (some of which I have tried & some of which I haven't) since it's getting coooold.  I'll share the Dake Veggie Chili recipe soon too!  Check these out:


  1. i LOVE this!! I'm definitely going to try some of these recipes.

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these recipes! Will have to try :)