inspired by: neat notes & characters.

I recently re-discovered these wonderful little notes that I have had for years (I collected them while living overseas as a middle schooler!!).  They are much more fun than "post-its":

I had this mild (okay maybe a bit stronger than mild) obsession with anything I found the "tarepanda" on.  I grew to very much like some other characters too.  Here are some descriptions of the characters:

tarepanda=droopy or lazy panda  (created by san-x)
buru buru dog=trembling dog  (san-x)
kogepan=a depressed bread bun that is burnt  (san-x)
deery-lou=a small deer in colorful settings  (created by sanrio)
doki doki yummychums=a hamburger and his friends...WHAT!?!  (sanrio)

Even Job was able to take part in the fun...until he opened tarepanda up!

For more interesting info on some of these little guys, check out the san-x wikipedia page.

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