11 months later...

Apologies for being away for a couple of days, I needed a little thinking time!  Ever since the beginning of the beginnings of 'homeseed' I have had hopes of sending our wedding photos in to one specific DIY wedding blog, thinking that our celebration would have been a great fit for the blog.  I was looking at it as a sort of launching opportunity of what I was hoping to do.  Well, it didn't work out!  And that's okay.  I have just been thinking a lot about how to get the word out about what I am doing, and it's a hard thing for me to think about, which...is also okay :)  I am in a place of learning and discovering with this "little" venture of mine.  

Well, the conclusion I have come to is to post about our wedding here, on my own blog.  I decided I'm going to do it a week from today, 11 months after our wedding (which is also the day that HP 7 comes out---even MORE special)!!  I have lots of photos to finish cleaning up and lots of little descriptions to write out, but hopefully, it will be worth it :)  

Here's a little sneak peek...

photography by Cameron Huntington

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  1. yayayayayayayyy!!!!
    im excited!!

    love youuu