I am slowly (slowly, slowly) growing as a new and little business.  I finished my business cards!  I really wanted them to have a sort of double-use, or as much as something so tiny can have, so one side of the card is just the dangling ribbons without any obvious "advertising".  I am excited to hang a couple of these up in my shared work space (my husband and I share a table in our living room that doubles as our office...the joys of being a young married couple/one grad-school student and one very new business owner!).

I've also been able to work on some invitation templates which I'm pretty excited about! They're still very much in the works, but as they become a little more refined I will share them with you here!

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  1. Very nice. If you have any extra send some our way (or we can get 'em next week ;-). We're always trying to plug you with potential custom paper needers.