I have been a bit sick since Saturday night, so I have just been trying to rest up and get well!  The cold came on us so abruptly, and with no snow (which in my opinion is what makes the cold beautiful and more bearable)!  So, sorry for the lag in posting.  I have a feeling I might be a little less consistent with the holidays approaching, so please be patient with me :)

There are three things I'd like to share with you today (all of which I have been a little late to finding, so sorry if there's some repetition for you!)...

1. the second issue of the online magazine, RUE.  It's the holiday edition!  The colors, decorations, and free paper goods giveaways are delightful!  Also, there's a feature on the collaborative work of 2 of my favorite artists on page 56.

2. 100 layer cake has launched their website!!  It is a wonderful site full of resources and inspiration for wedding-planning folks :) check it out!

3. my friend Beth has finished her 2011 calendar (the one that mentioned here)!!  Here are some photos and if you are interested in purchasing one, shoot her a comment here (more photos there too!):

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