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Happy December (2nd)!!  I am thinking fondly of last winter, missing our beautiful honeymoon spot.  Here are a couple of photos of the wood pile we grabbed from for our delightful wood-burning fireplace (Dan's one main requirement as we chose our destination)!!

Ack!  I thought I was feeling better yesterday, but woke up this morning feeling much worse...I still think it's probably just a cold or maybe something in the sinus area, but it feels worse than the last cold I remember having.

I really like Marla Hansen's sound.  I heard her first not as a solo artist, but performing with the original group that made up the Osso string quartet.  A while later I discovered her solo work and have really enjoyed it!  Well, she has a new song that is free!  Head HERE.  She is also on a Christmas Album that you can stream for free.  

The extras: 
I found this in my inbox this morning.  They don't seem to fit with the rest of the music I listen to regularly, but I think Coldplay will always have a place in my musical listening life.  Plus, it's Christmas-y!  Which is exciting!

Yesterday I saw this on Asthmatic Kitty's website...Shara is so beautiful!  A while back I had mentioned 'Penelope' the album, and it does not disappoint :)

Have fun listening!

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