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So, what did you think of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows Part 1?!  I had a delightful Thursday-Saturday with my friend Terri (Potter...it works so well I just can't resist!).  I enjoyed the movie, however I viewed it with very new perspective this time.  Let's just get this out there first: I don't read the books, I listen to them!!  I tried to start book one in high school and just couldn't get into it, but when the movies started coming out-I was sold.  So, for HP 1-6 I had seen the movie before listening to the book (I still haven't finished book 6!  EEK!) and for 7, I had listened first and then watched the movie.  My friends who have read the books first have had a lot of frustration with the first 6 movies and felt 7 was the most true, where...I couldn't stop complaining about different things in this movie!!  Oh my.  Perspective.  

That might have been a lot about Harry Potter and my thoughts than you cared to hear :)

The butterbeer was a hit!!  You will definitely want to brush your teeth after drinking it, but regardless, it's quite fantastic.  Notes on the recipe: the maple syrup was a great substitute, and try not to have a whole lot of time between preparing and enjoying the beverage.  It's not something you want hanging out in the fridge or sitting out long.  The cream portion had the effect of the "float" part of a root beer or creme soda float, and that's the kind of thing you don't want sitting around.

As far as dressing up goes, Dan unfortunately wouldn't let us brand him with the lightning bolt, Terri had some compliments on her Umbridge outfit, and I re-discovered that I like straightening my hair.  


Also, thank you for all of the love about our wedding and wedding photos!  It is truly appreciated.

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