nyc nyc nyc!

Tomorrow we go to NYC and I. Can't. Waittttt!

Dreaming of my favorite cookie in the whole wide world (the big oreo cookie from westville), momofuku cereal milk ice cream, my favorite thai dish from pongsri (hai lam, I have never found the same dish in another place!), lots & lots of tasty coffee, my bro-in-law, derek, liz, my old GK friends, muji happiness, slow mornings in coffee shops working on things with my hubs, the met, maybe some shopping (more like window shopping)....Wahoo!  I love vacation.

whoahhh, we were so young!  first internship=NYC (summer of '07)

Oh and--I entered another invite into a new minted competition!  The design is below, what do you think?  Vote here please :)

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