Well, happy new year!!  I hope that your Christmas was full of love, joy, receiving and giving. I hope that your celebration of bringing the new year in was hopeful!  I have never been very into the concept of having new years resolutions, however I do think that the realization that it is a new year is feeling a bit more important or meaningful this time around.  Perhaps it is because I am not a student anymore?  Or because in 2010, Daniel and I went through so many new and big changes...well, whatever it is, I am excited to see what is to come in this year.

Part of me really doesn't want to do this, because in some ways I might be taking away from potential business opportunities, BUT...I feel excited to know that these kinds of things exist, and if they might help friends and folks (brides in particular in many cases) then I would be happy to do that.  I came across How About Orange, a designers blog, and discovered that she has a whole lot of freebies (her own and her discoveries from others) listed in its own section.  I hope that you find something you like!!

Here are my two favorites so far (I haven't made it through all of them yet!):

(1) a free calling card by Jessica Jones (How About Orange)
(2) a free wedding invitation suite!!!  WHAT!?!  and, they are actually cute!  ridiculous...& so generous!  from e.m. papers...

Also, a moment of honesty with you, I am happy to be back to posting here.  It is a fun way to share findings and ideas, thoughts and new stuff...but I have been discouraged that I will not be inspired daily!  It is tough to have something to share 5 days a week!  I say this because I hope that I can in some way bring excitement and inspiration, but I fear that I may not be able to do it so regularly, as some of the blogs that I follow do.  Well, regardless, I'm happy that you're here and I hope that you are feeling renewed as we enter a new year and season.

OH yeah!  And, hopefully my free mini calendar is still just as exciting, now that I've shared these other freebies with you.  If you haven't printed one yet, they are HERE.

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