listening to & looking at: 2010 musicnow folks & julie morstad.

I have been thinking a lot about the MusicNow Festival again lately, as it was in mid-January last year that they announced who would be playing and when tickets would be available. The festival, which goes on in a uniquely humble way in Cincinnati, is curated by Bryce Dessner of The National.  It is one of the most memorable and special events I have ever been able to behold.  In my thinking about the festival, I was searching for any news and instead found some lovely reminders of the shows last year:

robin pecknold opening the event

justin vernon & annie clark playing 'roslyn'

I saw this lovely work on a blog a little time ago, and wanted to share it here.  The artist is Julie Morstad and she is a very talented lady!  Enjoy looking at some of my favorites (it was so hard to limit myself!  I ended up at 13!)...

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