2 sweet recipes.

Made both of these yummy things this past week and decided that I needed to share them with you!!  Click on the names to get the recipes.  I hope you like them :)

CHOCOLATE PUDDING CAKE (in the slow cooker!!)

This was SO delicious and SO easy to make!  You just need some time to let it do its thing in the crock pot.  Also, I didn't have a 1.5 quart dish so I sort of joined the first recipe I found with this one so that I could use 4 ramekins.  Oh it was so good.  Super rich though, definitely plan for that ;)

(photo by Yvonne Duinevvoorden, from Chronicle Books)

These tasted SO incredible.  And they really do get crunchy!!  Ohhh I can't wait to make them again!

(photo from smitten kitchen)


  1. I tried the kale chips at megan's place a few months ago... so great!!!

  2. but not together right?:)

  3. that pudding cake.... oh my gosh.

    your comment was so sweet on my blog today, by the way. thanks for that. and i love your header.

  4. haha NO cami! not together. thanks to you & mr. Luke for the ramekins by the way!! you two are the sweetest.

    bridget! thanks for stopping by, what a delightful surprise! you're welcome, i meant it! um, and, yes. that cake is delicious. and thank you for the compliment! the header took some time, but it didn't go to waste ;)