music monday: seven swans reimagined (link to free mp3's!!).

So I know I have already posted about this album, but I had found a couple of mp3's and I'm really liking what I'm hearing!  So, I wanted you to be able to listen too :)

Head HERE for 2 mp3's from the album.
Head HERE to listen on bandcamp (tomorrow) when the album comes out!!

Also, a new issue rue magazine came out last week.  Check it OUT.

Happy beginning of the week!!  Let's hope it's a productive start over here...I've still got a lot to do even with last week away from here!  And, we're coming off of a lovely (and exhausting) weekend as we had one of my closest friends in town.  She and I lived and shared quite a bit of our college life together, and we have some really fun and beautiful memories.  We headed to the Art Institute with a Chicago Public Library museum pass (AWESOME), ate some delicious food with friends, had intelli coffee (of course), stopped in the Chicago Cultural Center (to see this sweet exhibit), and more!!  We also stayed up late.  I will share some photos from the museum when things slow down a bit more :)

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