music monday: liz janes covers. AND...a break!

If you follow me at all on facebook then this will be old news (sorry!) but this post should still be fun in a few ways.  Seven artists/bands covered seven different Liz Janes songs.  It includes a few of Liz's fellow Asthmatic Kitty artists including...SHARA of course!  Ahh, my favorite.  Listen/buy HERE

and it has beautiful cover art by DM Stith (OF COURSE)!

ALSO...I wanted to let you know that I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with soon-to-be deadlines & such so I am taking a blog "siesta" the rest of this week.  I know, that word doesn't really work here, but...I wanted to use it.  So I am.  I am so excited to have projects to be working on though, so needing to take a break is a good thing!  See you soon...


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