inspired by: they draw and cook.

I'm sorry that these images are so tiny!!  It's just that...if I had posted them larger, they would have run into everything on the side and I just can't go for that.  So, click on them! They'll get bigger and prettier!  Anyway, I saw this on the creature comforts blog and was so intrigued and excited by these illustrators and their recipes.  So, I picked out some favorites that I thought were really beautiful/fun.  Yes...I went for aesthetics before taste, but really there are only 2 recipes that I wouldn't be as keen to make.  I would happily eat/try all of these!  Check out the site (they draw and cook) for more.

by Sofia Lourenco

by Julianna Brion

by Jessica Rae Gordon

by Nata Metlukh

by Hannah Clark

by eva forget-me-not

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