the blizzard of '11!

Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday morning...I am quite sure I have never experienced this great of a snowstorm!  We live by the lake, so that makes things even more interesting ;)  It was pretty fun to watch Job sinking so deep...and of course, Dan was just thrilled to throw himself/Job/me into the snow.

 (the back alley)

 (our courtyard!  ah!)

 (people just...walking in the streets)

 (a stranded cab.  eek.)

 (a pig head on a dumpster.  WAIT.  WHAT?!  no idea why...sorry if this really grosses you out! it was just so odd and...fascinating!  a Lord of the Flies statement?!)

 (the lake!  whoah!)

 (more "lake")

 (Dan & Job :D)

 (the only time my hunter boots have really seemed
necessary in the 3+ years that I've owned them..ha!)

the rest are just neat textures!  I really liked the shape and form...

Thankfully our blizzard experience was a "fun" one for the most part.  We had food, warmth, and electricity, and I am able to post photos of the fun we had.  My heart goes out to those who were stranded in their cars, got in accidents, lost power, or didn't have a home during the storm.

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