oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies!

Yum.  How delightful do these look?!  I made a batch Monday night, however, mine unfortunately did not stay together so nicely!  I wish I knew a little bit more about how different temperatures, mixing methods, and types of ingredients effect how things bake/cook...because I have no idea how to produce a different outcome next time I try these.  Any suggestions!?!

Anyway, my friend Avril really likes to cook and bake and she's the one who inspired me to make the cookies.  She also told me about The Pioneer Woman and I will be making this delicious looking soup tonight!  We have cheesecloth in our house now, and I am excited about it.


  1. Funny I should find these here on your blog, when Allison and Rebekah were just trying to explain these to me after discovering them while stumbling. THEY LOOK GREAT! And I want them. Bye!