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I hope you had a lovely V-day!  There is always lots of love to be spread around...

Dan and I had a lovely time in Cincinnati.  We spent some quality time with family and a few special friends, and saw some faces and embraced some bodies that had not been seen or embraced in a looong time!  It was a beautiful time of reuniting.

If you haven't heard of or checked out BHLDN yet, you must!!  It is Anthropologie's new wedding line which includes lots of different things that are wedding related and has plans to include even more (so that at a point they can essentially be a one-stop spot for planning and everything you need for your wedding!).  I have actually been pleasantly surprised by many of the prices.  Even though almost everything would have been out of budget for us, in comparison to Anthro's prices, BHLDN seems like a good deal!

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

(1) greenbow lace gown $600 (!!!!)
(2) unabashedly gloves $60
(3) pleated fantasy gown $3,600
(4) pom pom shoe clips $25 (!!) I know this could be a pretty easy DIY, but these are so elegantly made and they are actually a great price!
(5) tulle era dress $2,600 (my favorite...ohhh how I like this!)

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