too many things/interests/to-do's...!

Well, I am beginning to accept the fact that I will always have new ideas and projects floating around in my brain.

These are parts of my lists.  The one on the right is my business list which continues onto another page.  The one on the left is my sewing/knitting/making list.  It has more on the back.

Here's a free-style version of some of the things I'd like to do:

-finish our home-made cork board
-collage + paint
-finish our curtains/re-upholster the living room furnishings
-finish the wool-jersey maxi dress I started last week
-finish some homeseed invitation templates!!!!
-make more maxi dresses/skirts
-finish knitting my ear warming headband thing (will explain when it's finished...if it gets finished)
-get my guitar fixed!
-play my fixed guitar...
-make many things inspired by ANY of these pieces
-decorate our apartment more/better
-get some clients ;)
-take a paper-making class
-bake faster (it takes me forever for some reason.  why?)

Okay.  I think that's enough for now.  Hopefully that didn't overwhelm or bore you too much. I'm happy that I want to sew again.  Honestly, I think the reason I was interested in going into fashion design in the first place was because I really enjoyed making one-of a kind things for myself.  So, I'm sort of liking the sewing machine again.  It's nice :) I also have been wanting to pull out my watercolors again.  I miss that.  We'll see what happens.  I know this: I need to manage my time much more efficiently!

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