curiousity + appreciation = imagination (michael wolff).

Thank you for your well wishes yesterday.  They are & were very meaningful to me!  My really dear friend Lindsey introduced me to the Intel Visual Life series through this video, called, "The Expressionist" about designer Michael Wolff.  It was beautiful and wonderful and inspiring. Certainly worth 6 minutes of your time.  Thanks Linds :)


  1. This is a really cool video and it led me to the other "Intel Visual Life" videos, it seems like a great series! I really like the things he says about creativity. I was a film production student so I get interested in projects like this :-) Thanks for sharing it! Your blog is cool and I really like your logo.

    Ben from Chestnut Mocha.

  2. what a fascinating video--thanks for passing it along.

  3. Cool, thanks for sharing! :-)

    It´s my first time here and I have to say that you have a smashingly awesome header of this blog - LOVE the colors! :-)