life lately.

Ohhh where to begin!  I am writing feeling a bit out of sorts (which is how I think I feel often/in general lately).  I feel like there have been many different personal and emotional developments and discoveries going on which at times overwhelm me.  Lately I sit down at our table in front of my computer to work and just feel unable to produce or give myself to my work. I am okay, most of the time, but I am certainly feeling stunted in a lot of areas right now.  Just...needing to share that today.  Hope you understand :) Here are some random photos and a video taken recently:

job :)
 happy puppy?  he has mad contortion skills.

my favorite shoes.
 my favorite shoes.

 a new job nightmare video.  makes me giggle.


  1. i want your dog. and your shoes.

  2. i've been feeling stunted in a couple areas too and i wish i had some useful advice to give but i don't. BUT....i do love those shoes and that video is so cute :)

  3. Identify the stunting and apply some spinach and milk to it!

    As long as you have that critter and that mister, how bad can it be? Good luck getting back into sorts :)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Its never nice feeling that way.

    As for you man sleeping with Harry Potter? Well...

    Girl about Town XxX