a fox horn & harry potter.

fox horn

Well, if you didn't know, HARRY POTTER 7 part 2 comes out this week!!!  AHH!  So crazy.  So so crazy.  Dan and I were talking about Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling yesterday (after he had read a couple of different articles pertaining to this big event) and after throwing out some stats he read, we reflected on the impact these books and this story have had.  He then said something that struck me: "J.K. Rowling has changed the world".  It felt like a bold and scary thing to say, however, it is totally true.  She has brought something into the world that has created such large ripples...so large that I think this story will penetrate many generations to come.  I really really love these books and was getting teary-eyed watching the cast, crew and Rowling give their speeches at Trafalgar (I actually had NO idea the premiere was going on live when I randomly searched "harry potter premiere" and found it!  But I was happy I did!).  I know, I know....teary-eyed?!  Really!  Yes.  Oh yes. I will not deny it.  In fact, I will embrace it by letting you know that I have already created the main couples names in my cursive script for wedding templates to come.  Lame?!  Sure!  But I don't care. They keep me company so often as the audiobooks are very regularly my background noise while I work.

Dan and I did decide though, that we didn't want to go to the midnight showing.  I'm a little sad about it, but I think in the end we will be much happier and much more able to enjoy it seeing it during our date night on Sunday :)

The photo above is a "fox horn" or "hunting horn" I found at an antique shop this weekend.  I really like it.  I think it will look lovely in my studio space (that I hopefully have some day in the future. Sooner rather than later).  Hope you had a lovely weekend!!


  1. I'm just now (JUST NOW!) reading through the HP series for the first time and LOVE IT. Just started #6 in hopes of getting through the end before we see the last movie. Oh man oh man... So good. I wrote a post about it last week, actually.

    It was good to see you yesterday! Gotta love Milano. :) I'd love to get together with you sometime and hear what you're up to. Coffee? :)

  2. I love all your thoughts here! Harry Potter is amazing to me, the story along with the impact it has had. I am sure a few tears will be shed on my end as well!

    p.s. Love the horn!

  3. it's bananas here in england... and i'm reveling in the oxford/hogwarts feel. ah, can't wait! my husband is in india through the end of the month, so i have NO clue when we will see it. torture, i tell you!

  4. I had a similar emotionally driven conversation last week! It's true though, it has honestly changed the world. fact.