weekend fun!

First: saw Harry Potter for date night on Sunday.  And...boy did I cry.  I just can't help but feel like it is over!  Ohhh my.  I know I will still listen to the audiobooks and watch the movies, but...there is definitely some lingering sadness (not because I didn't like the movie, because, I did!  For the most part :D).  Onto a happier note: I am obsessed with succulents and air plants.  I even made a pinterest board devoted solely to them!!  Well, after hearing about a great seller (acorn design source) of said plants from my sweet sweet friend, Kelly, I decided to check them out at the Wilmette French Market with another sweet friend, Alissa!  We also stopped by a church rummage sale that I passed on the way to the market and I got a sweet floor lamp for $10!  And a lamp shade (for $2) with scalloped edges to someday to this kind of thing with.  Here are some photos from the days events:

acorn design source booth

my tillandsia (air plant)!

liss & the living stones!

my tillandsia (air plant) & grapevine!

new floor lamp for $10.  yessss.

living stones.  SO crazy/cool
these are crazy, right?  they're called lithops or living stones.
I'm getting these baby's NEXT time!  and a fly trap!

my tillandsia (air plants)!

my tillandsia (air plant) & fox horn!

I know.  I'm kind of crazy.  like a "plant lady" rather than a "cat lady".
I am just so happy with my little plants!!  they make me smile :)


  1. I love lithops! I call them brain plants because that's what they look like to me. Mine are getting pretty tall this summer.

  2. I am a sucker for succulents:

    Here are a few of my plant babies:



  3. i had a crazy need a month ago to grow a plant! those succulents are adorable. i'm not a pet person but i might be a plant person! i totally talk to my palm tree.

  4. Wow, the living stones are strange indeed. Bet I couldn't kill them though like I do everything else green I touch.

  5. so beautiful! i just love house plants :)