inspired by: stoffer photography in the salton sea.

I have recently been finding more photographers in the two cities closest to my heart (Chicago & Cincinnati!!) whose work I really admire and enjoy.  These two make up Stoffer Photography.  This work in particular was particularly striking and impacting.  And...it's not from a wedding!  Which is what I most often find myself enjoying and looking at.  Please head HERE to read the story about their trip to the Salton Sea to get some background/understanding of the glimpse of eerie and beautiful you see here.  You will not be disappointed.

this is the video that inspired their trip.  it's beautiful!


  1. what beautiful pictures - so real. thanks for sharing!!

  2. i think this is one of my dearest friend's in-laws. and salton sea is kind of one of the best places in america. adventures galore.

  3. that is SO cool suzy! they are such incredible photographers. and...some day, hopefully i'll make it to the salton sea!