bye bye for a little while...!

YEAH!  It's here!  Our trip!  We leave via the California Zephyr at 2PM today :)

So, I won't be here too often for the next 10 days...or maybe I won't be here at all!  I'm not putting any pressure on myself :) Just wanted to leave you with some photos from a play afternoon Dan and I had along the lake shore trail along with a date night of a special bottle of wine* from my parents paired with some fun and fancy (and one very stinky) cheeses, and the Book of Eli to watch!! 
*for Dan's graduation and Moody leave!  We hadn't had a sip of alcohol since he started in August, but now that he's transferring to a different school and he's finished his last semester we are able to partake!  So, my parents treated us :D


hi husband :)


wine, cheese, and the book of eli.

yum & :)


 seeeeee you later!

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