we'reeee back!

Hello friends!  It sure has been some time.  We had a lovely vacation (overall).  Ha!  I say overall because we had some very interesting travel to and fro, and...Dan was quite sick in a few different ways while we were out there.  But truly, we had a lovely time and I am excited to share about it :)  I have a LOT to do getting settled back in at home so this is just going to be a sneak peak of some SF recap photos and of some new work of mine!!

the zephyr!


the sleeping lady.  AH!

four barrel light.

boys being boys.

tartine rocher treat.

seqouia swallow.

hello sf!

And...took some shots of my newest work in sunny SF.  A wonderful couple got married on Saturday while we were journeying back.  I had SO much fun working on their entire wedding suite.  Can't wait to share more but for now here's a little peak:

alex & cory



  1. priceless pic of dan and mike, haha! :)

  2. i lovvvveee the invitation design!! (i've tried to post this comment like 8 times now. so. hopefully it doesn't come up 8 times)

  3. linds....i know, they were being so cute/ridiculous together!!

    bethanyyy! thank you :) :) :) i am super happy with how it turned out!