an engagement shoot (quite possibly my all-time favorite!).

No music today.  The new Fleet Foxes album is out tomorrow!  That's your music news :)

Instead...I wanted to post photos of Bethany and Miles.

The photos are from an engagement shoot by Cassie from CNS Photography & Design (Cassie, you captured SO much in these images!).  This beautiful lady is named Bethany.  Bethany and I lived in Hong Kong at the same time and were friends through church.  These photos of she and her fiance, Miles, emanate love and beauty to me.  One of my favorite things about the photos is that the only "prop" (if you can even call it that) is a blanket!  The colors come from skin, nature, hair, and fun clothing.  They are so naturally captivating.  Woohoo!  Enjoy...

Also, PLEASE check out the couple's blog HERE.  Bethany is a really fun/funny writer :)

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  1. Such beautiful photos! I love all the color in the first few in that adorable dress (: