inspired by: makoto fujimura.

I recently had the opportunity to hear Makoto Fujimura speak at a conference and having never heard of him until some time this past summer I was quite blown away.  This man seems to have a really good sense of his identity.  He seems to have searched and searched his heart so that he might know his purpose well.  He seems to have explored the relationship between God and art for many many years.  Even having only seen him speak to a large group and having no personal relationship or even a single conversation with him, I am encouraged and motivated to think about these things he has thought through in his life. He is also a very gifted writer and THIS is an incredible commencement speech he recently made at a graduation ceremony at Belhaven University.  I really enjoyed this line in the speech: "the role of the artist in a liquid reality is to awaken all of our senses through creativity and love".  His newest project "the Four Holy Gospels" was a commissioned project which has his paintings spread throughout and all over the pages of the four canonical gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Here are some photos from that project:

There is a beautiful video HERE about the process of "the Four Holy Gospels" (and more) that I definitely recommend watching.


  1. I saw him speak in Colorado Springs a few years ago... awesome! I have his book if you want to borrow it (Refractions).

  2. i KNEW you would be into him linds. i was hoping i could share first, but...you're always way ahead of me in these realms!! i might just want to borrow it...:)