music monday: amiina & 'lauren edward'.

I have 2 very brilliant friends who happen to be married and living in Iceland (yes, I really really really want to visit).  Andrea, the female half, and I went to school for fashion together.  She is one of the most creative people I know.  She is also a great executor of her creations.  Pete, the male half, I unfortunately don't know quite as well, but we of course still love him :) Pete makes films.  Really good films.  Well, they have merged their two very wonderful and creative minds to make 'Lauren Edward'.  And...as the creative directors/owners of 'Lauren Edward' they have already been doing something super neat and awesome.  With a super neat and awesome band, amiina.  I saw amiina at my first MusicNOW Festival and they were such a surprising and delightful treat to watch and listen to.  This is a video about the process and concept behind the video.  All of the people involved are very inspiring.  I hope you enjoy it :)

Watch the final product of the venture HERE.

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