SF recap three!

Okay...this one is ALL about coffee & food.  So, be prepared to have your hunger increase. Don't say I didn't warn you!  The food may have been one of my top 3 favorite parts about this trip...seriously.  It was so gooooooood!  Here is the proof...


 PS...I would recommend all of these as necessary stops on a visit to SF.
Except for one, I'll tell you that under the picture! 

slow club.  best food.
favorite lunch/dinner meal for sure.

slow club-my pasta!
slow club (my pasta!).

slow club-dan's fish!
slow club (dan's beautiful fish dish).

burma superstar.  delish.
this place was AWESOME!  this is their tea leaf salad.  incredible!

burma superstar.  delish.
BURMA SUPERSTAR.  a cool dude mixing the salad!  yum!

burma superstar.  delish.

umi sushi.
okay, sushi is delicious.  period.  but, there can definitely be GOOD sushi and okay sushi.
honestly, for me, this was okay sushi.  so, I wouldn't say it's a necessary SF stop.

tartine bakery!!
a beautiful place.  check THIS book/cookbook out!  so cool!

tartine rocher treat.
my tartine bakery treat.  a rocher with cocoa nibs.

BI-RITE creamery!  ohhh my.
I got honey lavendar!!  definitely my favorite dessert.  ohh....
but naia gelato is always delicious too!  I got pistachio and choco-orange there...

favorite breakfast place for suuuuure.  SO good.

plow (love the ribbony cursive)
and, of course, the design in/of plow is just wonderful....


four barrel.
we met some really wonderful folks here.  probably felt most at home here too as far as coffee goes.  and, the leka wato on the v60 was one of the MOST delicious cups of coffee I have ever had.

four barrel friends.
four barrel.  wonderful aesthetically too!

four barrel light.
four barrel...amazing light fixture.

four barrel.
four barrel atmosphere.

blue bottle :)
I thought their machine was beauuuutiful.

blue bottle :)
blue bottle's kyoto-style iced coffee brewing away (slowly).

someone stole beth's handwriting.
blue bottle...ATTN: beth porter, someone stole your writing!!

blue bottle :)
blue bottle treats.

sight glass coffee.
just a "stand" at the opening of their shop for now.
this place is going to be even more incredible when their full space opens up mid-june.

sight glass has air plants!  AH!
sight glass.  I think I favor them the most in terms of design feel!  though I feel I can't fully judge since the shop isn't really open.  well, they won me over of course with the air plants in the wall...

sight glass coffee.
sight glass.