the little things.

WE LEAVE FOR SAN FRAN TOMORROWWWWW!!!  :)  I am super excited to get on the train with my best friend (Daniel, duhhh)!  Woo! Lots of things to do before we head out still...eek!

Took these when I was taking photos of our abode.  I really like details.  I really like elaborate and intricate things.  I am inspired by the little things.  So, here are some little things from our home :)

the little things i like.
 my treasured type tray found HERE and a "k" and "d" from our wedding found HERE :)

this (original) cabinet was $5 dollars at THIS sweet place. 
we re-painted/decorated of course!  and got anthropologie knobs!

one of my favorite keys.

type tray, frames, keys.


felted acorns :)
 felted acorns from my lovely friend Megan for my birthday!!!


job.  hug arms?
 and...Job, who is NOT little but is at most times very detailed :)
He is with his grandparents right now.  We miss him.  It's quiet.

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